Assign Sales to Payments

The process of assigning sales to payments needs only to be done if payments and or sales have been entered without being associated with one another. You can tell if sales and payments are unassociated if the Payment Association or Sale Association Status column reads None or Partial. When you use the Assign Sales to Payments function, Greater Giving Online runs an algorithm that attempts to pair up all unassociated sales and payments with one another for all of your Supporters. 

  1. In the Project Home, click Assign Sales to Payments under the Sales header.
  2. Click the Assign Sales to Payments button.
  3. The algorithm will run, and you will be notified of the results. Typical results include how many Sales were associated with Payments. The total number of Payments/Sales and the amount of them that have been associated. The remainder of Payments/Sales to be associated.
    • If you have remaining Sales and Payments to be associated, ensure that all Sales and Payments have been entered under the correct Supporter.
  4. Click Done to finish the associating process.

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