Printing and Emailing Receipts

Once you have processed the credit card charges from the night of your event, you can either print or email receipts to all your Supporters from within Greater Giving Online. Many Supporters request a receipt, and the software allows you to send personalized receipts to each Supporter in a batch, reducing the amount of time spent on creating receipts. The first step is customizing the receipt itself which can be done through your Project Tasks, then you can view your Supporters and either email or print receipts using the Print/Email Receipts button. Below, we will cover the process of setting up your receipts, and then printing them.

Setting up Receipts:

  1. From your Project Home, click on Edit Receipt Settings under the Project Tasks
  2. There are three different types of receipts available. Determine whether you want to use the General or Event receipt (typically General is used).
  3. Determine detail information on each receipt:
    • Package Value, Paid Above Value, and Tax are recommended. If you set up a Convenience Fee it is also recommended.
  4. Scroll down to view Filter for Sales/Payments.
    • This includes All Sales, or Omitting Sales, and when to generate a receipt.
  5. Scroll down to view Header Settings and the Header Image.
    • Organization Name, Project Name, and Project Date are recommended.
    • Header Image must follow standard Greater Giving practice, no larger than 20MB.
  6. Scroll down to view the Footer Settings.
    • A default message is here, however feel free to customize it to match your organization. You can also select whether you want your Tax ID to show in the footer.
  7. Scroll down to view the Miscellaneous Settings.
    • Mostly handles Household receipts, and whether Payments are displayed. Greater Giving recommends having Payments displayed.
  8. Scroll down to view Email Settings.
    • Determine a Reply To address, Email Subject, and an Email Body
  9. Scroll down to view Print Settings.
    • Determine where the Bidder Number is located on the receipt, whether a Signature Line is present, and show a Postal Address if it is available (already in the Supporter Record).
  10. Click Save to save the Receipt Settings you have set up!

Printing Receipts:

Printing Receipts can be done either individually or in a batch. Individual receipts can be done either through Go Time’s Checkout, or Manage Sales and Payments for a Supporter. We will cover batch receipts below in a step by step walkthrough.


  1. From the Project Home, select View/Edit Supporters under the Supporters header.
  2. Click Show Advanced Search.
  3. To search on Supporters with Sales and Payments, click Search on Sales and Payments Info then Search.
  4. To search on Bidders that actively attended your event, click on Include Only Bidders Who, and make a check mark next to Checked In/Attended. Click Search.
  5. Click Print/Email Receipts in the tool bar.
  6. If Sales need to be assigned to Payments, you can do that now.
  7. Choose your Receipt Format.
  8. Choose your Settings Preset (whichever you altered under Setting up your Receipts).
  9. If printing, choose a Print Format.
  10. Below will be Receipt Stats, informing you of how many total receipts will be generated.
  11. Click Generate Receipts to finish.

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