Creating an Item Donation Page

An Item Donation page can be a useful tool in procuring items for your Auction. Supporters can visit your page, and fill in the Item details they would like to donate. From there you can just import the Item Donation into Greater Giving Online and it will automatically be created as an Item within your system! Creating an Item Donation page can be done through your Manage Project Website, using the drop down to select Item Donation page, and clicking add. A step by step walkthrough for creating an Item Donation page can be found below. 

  1. From the Project Home, select Manage Project Website under the Project Website header.
  2. Using the drop down titled Add a Page, and select an Item Donation page.
  3. Click Add.
  4. The Creating an Item Donation Page form will appear, here you can fill in all the necessary fields for creating a page.
  5. Determine the Page Name, Page Visibility and Navigation Text, and the Page Layout.
    • The green question marks will have additional information about Page Visibility, Navigation Text, and Page Layout.
  6. Fill in the Page Header text. This is typically used to pre-thank donors, as well as provide any additional information on getting the physical Item to your organization.
  7. Check the box if you want to Require the Donor’s Physical Address.
  8. Use the checkboxes to determine which Phone Numbers to gather from the donor, and if you would like them mandatory (Greater Giving recommends at least one, in order to contact the Supporter).
  9. Select a Label Text for the Notes field. This defaults as Notes, although you can adjust it so say anything you want.
  10. Check the box if you would like to Customize the Receipt the donor receives after donating an Item. If you make no changes to this, it will default to the settings set up in your Project Website General Settings.
  11. Finally, you can make a check mark for creating a Friendly URL. This is a shortened URL that is easy to distribute to your Supporters, and it’s easier to remember too! The first portion of the Friendly URL is specific to your organization and must be present on your Friendly URL.itm_don_pg_1.jpg
  12. Click Save to save your work and be taken back to Manage Project Website. You can always go back and edit what you have entered by using Edit Page Settings!


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