Advanced Editing of Project Website

In addition to the standard Edit Page Settings options for customizing your Project Website, there are some Advanced Editing tools within the Page itself that you can do. These Advanced Editing tools are not recommended for beginners to Greater Giving Online. This is primarily because once you have made Advanced Edits; changes could be overwritten if you use the Edit Page Settings again.

Tip #1 to Avoid Overwrites: Create Admission Packages in Greater Giving Online and add them via Edit Page Settings. Packages added in the Advanced Editing are not immediately recognized by Greater Giving Online when you Import Online Registrations. We recommend creating all of your Admission Packages in Greater Giving Online prior to making Advanced Edits.

Tip #2 to Avoid Overwrites: Avoid making changes in the Edit Page Settings and Advanced Editing at the same time. Ideally, Advanced Editing should only be done after you have completed everything in Edit Page Settings.

See our FAQ on Website Edits for more information.

The Basics of Advanced Editing:

  1. From the Project Home, select Manage Project Website under the Project Website header.
  2. Click View/Edit Page in Website the page you wish to apply Advancing Editing.
  3. Read the warning, and then click Edit in Page.
  4. You will now be viewing your webpage. In order to make edits, click Edit Page in the top right.
  5. The Page should grey out, and you will be in Edit mode. Look for the adv_edt_projws_1.jpg above each module for confirmation you are in Edit mode. These three icons are the most common options used in Advanced Edits.
    • The pencil icon is used to make any edits within the module.
    • The gear is used to change settings within the module, as well as delete it.
    • The arrow icon is used to move your module to different panes.
  6. To add an additional Module, hover over Page Settings in the toolbar above. Select Add New Module.adv_edt_projws_2.jpg
  7. Hover over the module you wish to add and use the selector arrow to place it within a pane.
    • Alternatively, drag and drop the module down to where you want it.adv_edt_projws_3.jpg
  8. Once you have placed the module, you can use the adv_edt_projws_1.jpg to add content into the module (pencil), determine settings of the module (gears), and if necessary move the module to a different position on your screen (arrows). See our Design article for more info how each one of these icons work.


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