Creating Registration Pages

A Registration page is one of the most important elements to your Project Website. A Registration page controls tickets and sponsorships, cash donations, and purchase of other multiple sale packages. When a Supporter makes a purchase on your page you can control how much (or little!) information is gathered from the Supporter, set up confirmation emails, create discount codes, and even collect pure cash donations. You can create Registration pages by going into Manage Project Website, using the drop down to select Registration, Sales and Cash Donation, and clicking Add. Then you can go through the Setup Page Wizard to finalize the creation of your page. Below, we have a step by step walkthrough of creating a Registration Page.

  1. From the Project Home, select Manage Project Website under the Project Website header.
  2. Using the drop down titled Add a Page, and select a Registration, Sales and Cash Donation page.
  3. Click Add.
  4. The Creating a Registration, Sales and Cash Donation Page form will appear, here you can fill in all the necessary fields for creating a page.
  5. Determine the Page Name, Page Visibility and Navigation Text, and the Page Layout.
    • The green question marks will have additional information about Page Visibility, Navigation Text, and Page Layout.
  6. Fill in the page Header Text. This is commonly used to introduce the page, or provide additional information about elements present on the page.
  7. Fill out the Registration Settings area. These are settings that determine how long Registration is Open, Saving Credit Card Information, and allowing Attendees to Edit Information After Purchase.reg_pg_1.jpg
  8. If you would like to test your webpage before your Supporter’s use it, check the box to Process Transactions in Test mode.
  9. Set a Fair Market Value Label. This is required, but if you are not displaying the Fair Market Value it is not used.
  10. Optionally set a Headline for your Admission and Sponsorship packages.
  11. Using the check boxes, select which Admission and Sponsorship Packages you would like displayed. To change display order, you can left click and hold, then drag and drop the selection to where you would like it.reg_pg_2.jpg
  12. If you have Meal options, check which ones you want to offer.
  13. Determine which Info to Collect for each Attendee. Mandatory means the Supporter cannot proceed unless they fill that info in, Optional means the Supporter can fill it in but it is not required, and Hidden means the Supporter does not even see that field.
  14. Using the check boxes, you can also determine which Phone Numbers to gather for the attendees.reg_pg_3.jpg
  15. You can also use the radial buttons to determine if you want to Collect Group Info.
  16. Optionally set a Headline for your Package Sales.reg_pg_4.jpg
  17. Using the check boxes, select which Multiple Sale and flat rate Donation Packages you would like displayed. To change display order, you can left click and hold, then drag and drop the selection to where you would like it.
    • Alternatively, you can set up a dedicated Cash Donation section below.
  18. Here you can also edit your Confirmation Receipt settings. These are customizable emails that get sent out whenever a Supporter makes a purchase through your website. If left alone, the site will default to the settings set up in your Project Website General Settings.
    • The body of the email is set, but you can alter the Header and Footer, as well as Confirmation Contact Info and Subject Line.
    • For more information about the Confirmation Contact fields, click on the green question mark next to each field for an explanation
  19. If you would like to set up a Cash Donation where the Supporter can dictate how much they donate, you can fill in the Headline, Label, and use the drop down menu to specify the Cash Donation package to use.reg_pg_5.jpg
  20. If you would like to use matching gifts, you can set that up here. Check the box for Use Matching Gifts, and post your organizations Gift Match Registry URL in the field. Fill out simple Instructions for your Supporters to find their employer on the Gift Match Registry.
  21. If you would like to have a discount code (typically for Staff, or payments by check) you can press Add Discount Code.
    • Fill in a Discount Code Name. This is what you or the Supporter will enter to apply the discount code at checkout.
    • Choose whether the discount is Fixed or Percentage, and the Discount Amount. Note that a percentage based discount will apply to the entire purchase.reg_pg_6.jpg
  22. Finally, you can make a check mark for creating a Friendly URL. This is a shortened URL that is easy to distribute to your Supporters, and it’s easier to remember too! The first portion of the Friendly URL is specific to your organization and must be present on your Friendly URL.
  23. Click Save to save your work and be taken back to Manage Project Website. You can always go back and edit what you have entered by using Edit Page Settings!


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