Greater Giving Online - 7/18/2017

General Information:

An Update Release was deployed on July 18th during the normal maintenance window (11:45pm - 4am)They are comprised of Greater Giving Online, Greater Giving Account Manager, Online Bidding and Online Payments items. This release has new features and updates/improvements.



Greater Giving Online

  • Improvement – More improvements in Data Import & export functionality

    • We have continued to iterate on and improve the data import functionality.

      • Streamlined role assignment in import wizard by making advanced assignment options clearly optional

      • Automatic mapping of Postal Code to Zip Code

      • Allow user to ignore row-specific errors and import all “good” rows

      • Added significant additional feedback to user around import status and errors, including the ability to view and export changes and import summary

      • New Import Logs functionality for AP users showing org and project specific import history including summary and recently imported files.

  • New – Self-service Online Bidding project activation for orgs with Online Bidding

    • Orgs with Online Bidding as part of their contract can now activate Online Bidding on a per-project basis without the need for Greater Giving to set it up for them.

    • The Online Bidding Settings now include the display of all importing Online Bidding related sites, making it easy to launch a page or copy the URL to the clipboard. Displayed pages are:

      • Bidding Application

      • Appeal Board

      • Countdown Timer

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