Merge Fields for Packages

These are Merge Fields specific to Package Word Merge Templates. If these Merge Fields are set up in your Word document they will be populated with the given information from Greater Giving Online. 

  • TableStart:Packages- Starts the Merge loop for packages. Any content before this tag will not be repeated.
  • TableEnd:Packages- Ends the Merge loop for packages. Any content after this tag will not be repeated.

Table Start and Table End are required for the Event Software Online to correctly Merge your data.

Package Specific Merge Fields:

  • PackageNumber- Inserts the package number.
  • PackageName- Inserts the package name.
  • PackageDescription- Inserts the package description.
  • PackageRestrictions- Inserts the package restrictions.
  • PackageDonors- Comma separated list of donor names for all Items in the package.
  • PackageValue- Inserts the package value.
  • PackagePrice- Inserts the package Guaranteed Purchase Price.
  • PackageMinimumBid- Inserts the package minimum bid.
  • PackageMinimumRaise- Inserts the package minimum raise.
  • PackageClass- Inserts the package class.
  • PackageSection- Inserts the package section
  • PackageImage- This tag inserts an image into the document. In order to restrict the size of the image, it is recommended you place a TextBox within the document, and use the PackageImage field within the contents of the textbox.

Miscellaneous Merge Fields:

The following Merge Fields are used to show or hide portions of the Word document. This is useful for printing a catalog, where you may have entered some of the information but not all, and want as much information to show as possible.

If_Items- If there are any Items in the Package to display.

If_PackageDescription- If the package description is not empty.

- If the package restrictions are not empty.

If_PackageDonors- If there are donors for this package.

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