Online Bidding: Emailing Bidders

How to Email Bidders:

  1. From the Project Home, click Online Bidding Dashboard under the Online Bidding
  2. Click Email under the Send Message
  3. Enter a Subject. Do not use tags in the subject line.
  4. Compose the email message in the box
  • Use the tag [u] to include the Bidder’s personalized Bidding URL. Remember to include the brackets [ ]
  • There is no character limit for emails
  1. Specify recipients (this automatically defaults to All Bidders)
  • All Bidders: Emails any supporter who has self-registered or who has been checked in through Go Time.
  • Winning Bidders: Emails any bidder who has won a package in Online Bidding. This will not include bidders who only won a multiple-sale package.
  • Non-winning Bidders: Emails any bidder who does not have any winning bids in Online Bidding.
  1. Click the Send 

Keep in mind that you are limited to sending 1 email every hour. Once you click Send, we will submit your message to our queue system which sends emails every 2 minutes. It may take up to an hour for your bidders to receive the message, but this is largely dependent on the number of bidders.

Prior to sending the message to All Bidders, you may want to send a preview to yourself, another staff member or volunteer. Keep in mind that the tags do not work in the preview messages.

Note: The email will send with your Organization Name appearing as the "from name" and


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