Online Bidding: Viewing Auction Statistics

Online Bidding allows you to view real time auction statistics during your auction. From the Project Home, click Online Bidding Dashboard.


Here is a list of statistics you will be able to see:

  • Total Raised 
  • Total Package Sales
  • Total Buy Now Sales
  • Total from Multi-Sales
  • Total from Donations
  • Comparison of Active Bidders vs Non-Bidders
  • Number of Packages with bids vs Number of Unbid Packages
  • Total Value of Packages vs Total Raised
  • Appeal Success


Top Bidders:

Once the Online Bidding auction begins, view who the top 10 bidders are based on the number of bids they have placed. This could be helpful during the event to encourage those who aren’t as active on Online Bidding to get more involved by sending a Bid Assistant to help them, or to call out and thank a donor who is exceptionally active in bidding.

Top Packages by Bid Amount:

Once the Online Bidding auction begins, view what the top 10 packages are based on the highest bid amount. This could be helpful during the event to track which packages have the highest bid and to also note those packages that aren’t doing as well to encourage bidding.

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