How to Bid With Greater Giving Online Bidding

Register your mobile number at check-in:

  • You will receive a text message, click the link
  • A web browser will open taking you directly to the bidder interface
  • Search for packages by number or keyword using the magnifying glass, or category under the menu three_lines.jpg
  • You can Quick Bid the next increment, set a Max Bid, or Watch packages
    • If your max bid is the highest, the system will automatically bid in your favor until you are outbid or until the silent auction closes
    • To place a straight bid, turn the max bid feature off
    • To find packages with no bids, select No Bid Packages under the menu three_lines.jpg
  • If you are out-bid, you will receive a text message
  • To get back to the main screen, click the House icon
  • To view the packages you are bidding on, click the three_lines.jpg button and select My List

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