Online Bidding: Leaderboard Display

From your Greater Giving Project Home, locate the Show Leaderboard link on the right hand side. This launches a new tab with a scrolling display showing all of your Online Bidding packages.

Tip: You can also access the Leaderboard by going to Online Bidding Settings and clicking Launch located next to the Leaderboard URL. 

The Leaderboard can be used as a way to keep guests alerted to the current high bid on a package, the current winner of a package, which packages do not yet have a bid, and how much time is left on packages in your silent auction. Sponsor logos will scroll across the bottom of the screen.

Editing the Leaderboard:

You can change the packages to display on the Leaderboard Display by clicking the Online Bidding Settings link from your Project Home and selecting one of the following styles:

  • All packages: This will display all packages enabled for Online Bidding.
  • Open packages: This will display open packages.
  • Open packages with no bids: This will display packages without bids.
  • Sold packages: This will display packages that have been won including multi-sale packages and packages won using the Buy Now option.
  • Packages in a specific class: This will display packages within that particular class.
  • Number of packages on each page.
  • Number of seconds to display each page.

Tip: Greater Giving recommends loop intervals of 10 seconds and displaying 10 packages or less per screen

  • Color Theme: You can change the color theme of your leaderboard to accommodate your event décor or theme by choosing a different color.


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