Getting Started: Sending Receipts

One of the final steps in your event is to make sure that all of your Supporters have receipts for their event night purchases. These receipts will be important for your Supporters to match to their credit card statements, as well as for taxability purposes. Greater Giving has provided a simple way of sending receipts to all of your eligible Supporters with a few clicks. If you wish to send a receipt to a more specific subset of Supporters, you will need to filter for those. Read below for some tips on Sending Receipts to your Supporters.

Print/Email Receipts:

Check out our article on Setting Up and Printing (or Emailing) Receipts to learn more about the basics of Receipts and some of the options you have available for them.


  • It’s always a good idea to preview a receipt first. You can preview a receipt by sending it to yourself, or at the bottom of Manage Sales and Payments there is a Preview Receipt Option.
  • Receipts will send to ANY Supporter with Sales/Payments. So if a Supporter has an outstanding balance they will still receive a Receipt, it will just have an amount in the Total Due area.
  • Unless otherwise specified, Greater Giving Online will merge individual Supporter’s with their Household record when it comes to Receipts. This prevents multiple receipts being sent to the same Household.


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