Greater Giving Online - 5/23/2017

General Information:

An Update Release was deployed on May 23rd during the normal maintenance windowThey are comprised of Greater Giving Online, Greater Giving Account Manager, Online Bidding and Online Payments items. This release has new features and updates/improvements. 



Greater Giving Online

  • Improvement – More improvements in Data Import & export functionality

    • This release offers a large number of bug fixes and general cleanup to the current data import process which add up to a major stride forward in data import usability and flexibility. Specifically:

      • Allow SUP-01 export to be used as a supporter import as well, even if households are included

      • Better mapping of supporter phone numbers

      • Better error filtering in step 4 of the import wizard

  • New – Short Online Bidding URL now used in messages and display links

    • The listed URL for Online Bidding is now presented as in the admin screen and other areas of the product that previously displayed the longer, less user-friendly URL.

  • Improvements – Additional fixes

    • In addition to the import improvements described above, a number of small but noteworthy updates have been made across the product line, including:

      • AlternateID has been added to ITM-10 and PAY-10 reports

      • Improvements in Go Time responsiveness & stability

      • Contacts’ addresses are now properly updated when imported from OP

      • Close button changed to OK in Go Time’s Section Times Package pop-up.

      • Voided transactions in Online Payments are now reported correctly

      • Fixes to Greater Giving Account Manager supporter profile updates, making sure Greater Giving Online is now updated as expected.

      • Online Bidding sales are now only shown as Posted once they have been sent to Greater Giving Online.

      • Speed of Online Bidding sales posing has been significantly improved.

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