Online Bidding: Texting Bidders

Online Bidding allows you to send text messages to bidders before, during and after the silent auction to keep them engaged and informed.

How to Text Bidders:

  1. Select Bidders from the top navigation bar of your Online Bidding Admin page.
  2. Click Text Bidders.
  3. Compose your texts in the box provided. 
    • Use the shortcode [u] to include the supporter's personalized bidding URL.
    • Limited to 120 characters per text message.
  4. Select the recipients you wish to send the text to (defaults to All Supporters).
    • All Supporters: Texts any supporter who has self-registered or who has been checked in through Go Time.
    • Winning Bidders: Texts any bidder who has won a package in Online Bidding. This will not include bidders who only won a multiple-sale package.
    • Non-winning Bidders: Texts any bidder who does not have any winning bids in Online Bidding.

Note: Guests are not automatically notified if they have a won a package in the Silent Auction. See below for an example of a text message to send to Winning Supporters. 

  1. Click the Send to Queue button.

Best Practices

  • Greater Giving recommends sending out 4 or less text messages during an event. The bidders will already be receiving outbid text messages during the auction and sending out too many texts may overwhelm them.
  • Keep in mind that it may take up to 15 minutes for the texts to be received by every guest. For this reason, do not use ambiguous time frames or details in your texts, like: “Bidding closes in 15 minutes”. Instead be specific and say “Bidding closes at 9:00 PM”.
  • Compose your texts ahead of time and save them under the SMS Notepad area under the Account tab of the Online Bidding Admin Panel.  You may not send them all at once, but having your texts written ahead of time will save you some time during the event. Keep in mind that each text can only contain 120 characters (this includes spaces).
  • Prior to sending the text message to all supporters, you may want to send a preview to yourself, another staff member or volunteer. Keep in mind that the shortcodes do not work in the preview messages.

Sample Text Messages:

When to Send Text

Recipient Type

Text Message

1 hour prior to check-in

(if doing pre-bidding)

All Supporters 

Check-in begins at 5:00! Click here to continue bidding on our great items! [u]

Half-way through the auction

All Supporters 

Don't forget to click on the "No Bid" button for some great deals! [u]

30 minutes prior close of the auction

All Supporters

The silent auction will close at 9:00! Check your "My List" to make sure you are the leading bidder! [u]

End of the auction

Winning Bidders

Congratulations! You're a winner! Check your "My List" to see what packages you have won! [u]


Re-send Welcome Text:

From the Online Bidding Admin panel, you can also resend a Welcome Text to any bidder in your Registered Bidders.

  1. Under Guest Functions, click the link for View Registered Bidders. Alternatively, hover over Bidders in the toolbar and select View Bidders from the drop down.txt_bid_1.jpg
  2. Search for the bidder’s name or bid number in the Search bar, and click the Re-send Welcome Text link below their name.


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