Online Bidding: What Guests Can Expect

When using our Self-Registration feature, guests will receive an email prior to the event (when to be determined by your Organization) prompting them to create an Online Bidding Account. This account will have their name, billing information, and credit card on file they wish to use the night of the event.


  1. Each Supporter with an admission allocated that triggers Self-invitation will be sent a personal invite.
  2. Once the Supporter has clicked their link, they will have instructions to create their Online Bidding account. This includes entering the following:
    • Billing Address
    • Credit Card Information
    • Contact information
  3. Once they have entered this information, they can review it by clicking the links or they can hit Start Bidding to be taken back to the bidding page.
  4. The Supporter will have access to the Online Bidding page if you have set the auction to be open.
    • Individuals will keep the bid number assigned by you.
    • Members of a Household will be assigned an 8000 bidder number.


Event Night:

  • The Member that self-registered in the image above (Jane Smith) will NOT receive a welcome text message upon Check-In. They can continue to bid using the link sent previously.
  • The Member that did not self-register in the image above (John Smith) will receive a text to bid under the Household bid number.
  • If you have assigned bid numbers in a different range, then that bid number assigned by you will be the bid number that the guests will use for the live auction.

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