Online Bidding: Setting Up a Fire Sale (Post-Auction Sale)

Follow the steps below to use Online Bidding to sell any packages that did not sell at the event.

Create a new section for the unsold packages:

You can name this section “Unbid Packages” or “Post-Event Auction.” Just make sure that it’s clear what the purpose of this section is for.

  1. From the Project Settings, click on the Item & Package Sections 
  2. Click the Addbutton to add a new section.
  3. Change the Online Bidding Type to "Sell Online".
  4. Change the Bidding Open Date & Timeto when you would like the post-auction to begin.
  5. Change the Bidding Close Date & Timeto the exact time you would like your post-auction to end.

Move the packages to the new section:

  1. Go to View/Edit packagesand search for packages that didn’t sell at the event.
  • Click Show Advanced Search, check the box for Included in Online Biddingand double click the box for Have been Sold so that a red X appears. Click the Search
  1. To mass assign these packages to a new section, click More and select Assign Sections. Select the section from the drop-down menu, check Overwrite previous Sections.Check the box for yes and click OK. Alternatively, you can edit each package individually and assign it to the new section.

Tip: If you do not sell all of the available Multiple Sale packages during your auction, you can add these to your post-event auction. Be sure to change the Maximum Online Sales to the number currently available.For example, if there were 50 total available and 25 were sold, change the Maximum Online Sales to 25.

Let your bidders know the auction has re-opened:

  1. From the Project Home, click Online Bidding Dashboard under the Online Bidding
  2. Click on Email or Text under the Send Message areaWe'll look at texting bidders.
  3. Compose the text in the field provided, select the type of Bidders you wish to send the text to and click the Send

Tip: An example of a text could be: "There are still some packages up for grabs. Click to here start the bidding [u]" 

Once the section closes, the high bids will be recorded as sales. These sales will then be added to the bidders' outstanding balances.

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