Feature Focus Videos & Guides

Go Time:

Card Reader -
Features about the card reader for credit card swiping (Cheat Sheet)

Go Time Check In -
Quick check in procedures (Cheat Sheet)

Go Time Check Out -
Quick check out process (Cheat Sheet)

Go Time Receipt -
How to make receipts during event (Cheat Sheet)

Raffle Tickets and Storefront -
Setting up, selling, and viewing raffles (Length: 3:58) 

Storefront -
What is storefront and how to customize it (Length: 5:50)


Greater Giving Online:

Charging Credit Cards -
Charging cards at events or post event (Length: 2:53) 

Creating Users in Greater Giving -
Setting up other users in the system for admin functionality (Length: 6:25)

Data Exchange
Transference of Data between Greater Giving and other Donor Management (Length: 6:59)

Entering Data -
Entering data three ways. Manually enter data, Import via Excel and the Import Wizard (Cheat Sheet) 

Imports: Supporters, Items and Sales -
Importing an excel list of supporters or items (Length: 8:33)

Item Procurement and Donation Forms -
 Auction item web forms and inserting item into system (Length: 4:10)

Receipts: Settings, Email and Printing -
How to work with receipts & send them (Length: 3:34)

Reports: Common reports and how to run them -
How to run a report & when/what to pull (Length: 2:56)

Searches: Basic, Advanced, Saved Search, Export, Grid View -
How to search for something and then export & view (Length: 3:40) 

Tables, Groups and Admissions Allocation-
Tables, Groups Admissions, & Table Assignments "quick how to" (Length: 5:54)


Online Bidding:

Bid Assistant -
Training video for volunteers or staff that are helping to be a bid assistant at event - ONLINE BIDDING (Length: 11:56)

Is Online Bidder -
Communication to those using pre-bidding - checking "is online bidder" (Length: 3:04) 

Pre-Bidding -
Functions of Pre-Bidding on items before event - ONLINE BIDDING (Length: 8:39)



Page Footer -
Adding a footer to your website instructions (Cheat Sheet)

Return Shipping -
How to return equipment (Length: 1:05)

Giving Tuesday
Using the Project Website for your Giving Tuesday campaign (Length: 3:21)



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