Voiding a Credit Card Online Payment

If a transaction comes in that was done in error, you can always void it directly from your Online Payments portal before it has settled. Transactions typically settle at the end of the day they were processed, so the void would have to be done that same day. If the charge has already settled, see our article on Refunds. Below, we have a full walk-through of how to Void an Online Payments transaction.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Login to your unique Online Payments URL with the username and password provided to you after signup.
  2. Select Run a Report (alternatively, select Reports from the Manage button in the toolbar).
  3. Define a range that will return the transaction you want to void.
  4. Make a checkmark next to the transaction you would like to void and select the round Receipt button (alternatively, press Alt+V on your keyboard).
  5. Click the Void this Transaction button.
  6. Check the box for ‘By checking this box and clicking Void, I authorize Greater Giving to void the entire unsettled charge to the credit card for this supporter. This void will be made automatically, and I should not attempt a subsequent manual void.
  7. Click the box for Void to prevent the transaction from settling.


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