Statements & Invoices

What Are Statements?

Statements are sent to any listed financial contact that Greater Giving has on file; to change who receives these statements, see Updating Your Information. These statements are not found anywhere on your site, and for security purposes Greater Giving will only send this to approved contacts. If you need a copy of the statements resent, please reach out to us either in our Support Chat or email us at .

When Do I Receive a Statement/Deposit?

Greater Giving Online/Terminals:
5 days after your organization has processed a single card transaction or a batch of transactions, Greater Giving will send a statement that includes a breakdown of total dollars processed, fees, and the total amount deposited to your bank.

Online Payments:
Every week on Friday, Greater Giving will send your organization a statement compiled of the previous weeks transactions made through Online Payments. These statements include a breakdown of total dollars processed, fees, and the total amount deposited to your bank.

How Are Fees Determined?

Fees are outlined in the Agreement you have with Greater Giving. They are unique to each organization. Credit card processing fees are based on the dollar volume of approved credit cards, and do not include cash or checks taken by your organization. If you have questions about your Agreement, you can always contact our Support Chat or email us at for clarification. Please note that Client Services can only discuss the Agreement with approved Financial Contacts. 

How Does Invoicing Work?

Greater Giving sends invoices based on when you sign up for the product. After you receive the invoice, you have one month to pay that invoice. You can pay that invoice by check, by credit card using our Account Payments form, or by letting Greater Giving debit your account directly. Please note if you’d prefer us to not debit the account directly to email us at .

 What If I'm Missing A Statement?

 If you are missing any statements, feel free to reach out to us. You can Chat, call 1-866-269-8151, email us at or fill out our form. We will send you another copy of your statement. 

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