Creating a New Project

One of the primary places you will be spending time within Greater Giving Online is a Project. A Project is any unique event that your organization wants to track admissions, sales, payments, or seating. You can make as many Projects as your organization needs, but note that most features such as roles, sales, payments, and to a certain extent items and packages in Event Software Online are not shared between Projects (with the exception of Supporters, which will be shared across all projects). Creating a Project takes only a few minutes, and is all done from your Organization Home. Please note that only Organization Admins can create a new project. 

 Creating a New Project:

  1. On the Organization Home, click Create New Project.
    • To get to your Organization Home from your Project Home, hover over the Project button in the top left corner and select Organization Home.
  2. In the box titled Project Name, type in a name for your project.
  3. In the box titled Project Date, choose a date for your project. Click Next when finished.
  4. Select a template to use, as well as your time zone, and click Next.
    • Note: If your organization has previously created Projects, you can Use a past project and the drop down menu to select the Project to copy.
  5. Schedule your event. This is an optional step, but highly recommended as it only benefits your organization! Required fields are marked with a red dot.
    • You can always skip this step, but you will be prompted every time you log into the Project that it should be done.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Click Finish when you are done, and you will be taken to your new Project Home to begin work on your event!

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